Picking up where Bridget Jones' reviled "smug-marrieds" left off, I became a member of an equally suspect species: the smug online dater. 





An Audience of One, Medium.com's Human Parts

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"Oh, no, I'm still German. This is my first thought when I wake a few hours later in that good, warm bed."

The perils of starting an off-stage affair 'in character.'



Feminism, Women-Hating, Racism: Why I'm Watching Lifetime's UnReal, The Liberty Project

Can watching a show about women behaving badly help me clean up my act? 








Zaha Hadid Broke Barriers to Create Daring, Dramatic Architecture, Investor's Business Daily

Zaha Hadid's bold vision and mental toughness helped her become the first woman to win architecture's 'Nobel,' the Pritzker Prize.




Ruth Handler and Her Barbie Refashioned Mattel and The Toy Industry, Investor's Business Daily

Ruth Handler's intuition and self-confidence led to the creation of the Barbie doll and highly regarded line of breast prosthetics.




For IBD, I've also profiled In-N-Out Burger founders Harry and Esther Snyder and civil rights leader Dorothy Height. With actor Sarah Sido, I co-founded the acting website BrainsofMinerva.com, which Backstage described as, "the spirit of helping others to find grace in a pressure-filled business."


Photo credits from top: Andrew Riddle, Tom Simpson, courtesy of Lifetime, Bloomberg, Larry Lettera/Newscom.